4” X 4” X 8”,  5 pieces
Resin, wood, Arduino, LED, motor & light sensor, 2019
“Enlivening Sequence” is a metaphoric piece which is representing dynamic and contingent phenomenon of the evolutionary relationship between the Humans and the Machines. Like “String Figures which is the games of making patterns with loops of string between players, our relationships with machines are entangled in a sympoiesis system which is like a co-making practice for the perpetual existence.​​​​​​​


   These robotic sculptures which are programmed with light-sensors can only move in the dark space emitting their own lights and they create choreographic movements made by the lights and time with audiences.
    The choreographic movements between the robotic sculptures and audiences in the dark space are contingent which means that the patterns made by the co-making practices of them are neither fixed and nor tautologically true, rather the patterns are driven by uncertainty of their relations through audiences’ phenomenological experiences which are including bodily awareness and embodied perception as the robotic sculptures have dynamic and interactive movements, sym-poietically. 
Detail Image I
Detail Image II
Detail Image III
Detail Image IV
Detail Image V

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