Co-occupying Space

4"  X 4", 2019

 Parallels Donna Harraway’s idea of Tentacular Thinking
A time and a place described as the Chthulucene

Post human 
Body forms
Outside of the conventional frame of time
Time as archaeology
Co-existing kinship, bleeding through inter species communication

On a scale that exceeds our mundane comprehension 
A beautiful mutation through a poetics of active decompression 

A violent passivity that begets survival
The day the black hole was photographed
And the Ancient ‘Cthulhu’ Fossil was exposed

Mortal decomposition framed in a box

Tiny spaces filled with waiting and dreaming.
Human projection walking performance
(Hints of Abramović
Echos of Cornell)

The unavoidable contingency and the ultimate
Mortality that awaits us all spills into 
The metaphor … stripped bare
A gesture out of time
Yet in it.

- Tom Leeser, CalArts, April 11, 2019
As a living creature, humans have desire of occupying spaces as much as possible they can. Like amoeba, humans have had to stretch out to get resources for living. Because humans are living with a body form in the frame of time. Basically our body has a 3-dimensional volume form so basically it might be thought impossible for more than one person to occupy together at a same space at the same time.
“Co-occupying space” is about contingent and dynamic flow of spatial relationship between different matters embracing tensions and competing each other for their own living and it is a kind of violent happening or phenomenon for survival rather than symbiotic cohabitant. 
In terms of spatial relationship of distribution such as "Coffin Homes" in Hong Kong, we can think about compressing
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