Sequence of Life & Inter-contamination
Photograph, Machine Learning(pix2pix) & p5.js, 2019
“ Sequence of Life” is about “life and death”, “objects and surroundings” and their contingent boundaries with the continuously changing gradient of divergence as time goes on. 
The sculptures compressed fruits with clear plastic sheets can be observed in how they are refiguring the spatial relations. The fruits started to be rotten and some microorganisms such as molds and bacteria have emerged from the boundaries of the fruits. The fruits and the microorganisms co-exist making new boundaries at every time and continuously refiguring spatial relations between them. 
Using machine learning technology(I used 'pix2pix' model), I made predicting images showing that refiguring the spatial relationship, which is becoming a rotten or fresh status, which is inter-contamination phenomenon between different kinds of individuals. ​​​​​​​

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