Study of Continuum Theory

32 x 32 x 51 inch, Straw, thread, linen, wood & electric vibrator, 2016

Within the boundaries of society, humans have a continuous attribute as the media through which life becomes history. As expressed in this work, the arrangement of the medium at the energy generation point is scattered, and energy is transferred through this medium. Thus, society is expanded, and history is accumulated by breaking the frame of the existing social matrix. 
The energy originating from the defect that breaks the arrangement of the medium at the energy generation point spreads and is transmitted. Although it is initially regarded as a threat against society, energy is transferred throughout society, and society eventually could change.
The energy generated in one part of the system can be transmitted through the medium entity, which is shown as discontinuous (i.e., as an independent individual entity). However, the media are bound to the same substrate, and the media that transmit energy through this substrate are connected. Therefore, the medium has continuity in terms of energy transfer. The energy here can be kinetic or potential energy. 
Anthropologically, as Homo sapiens, the human medium passes energies, which are knowledge, information, and history, within the boundary from generation to generation.

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