Patternizing Randomness

5 x 5 x 5 meter, Straw & thread, 2016 

The existence of something can be defined in a particular system—that is, in space and in the flow of time. People create a series of events with the resource of a given day, 24 hours given equally to all, in a specific space. As everyday events are accumulated and entangled with each other, life is formed, and people become aware of their existence therein.
The straw nodes of the same length, which are woven together to form a structure, each of which represents the equal allocation of 24 hours to all humans in a given day. The complex net structure having tied nodes represents the shape of human life, complex as a tangled net. The resulting numerous random polygons represent every day’s fragments that enable one to understand the meaning of one’s presence.
Each part of the structure, distorted by the intertwining of threaded straws and pulling of yarns, forms a myriad of random polygons.  A 24-hour "hourly node" of daily life forms a life by getting tangled up. The perception of one’s presence reflected in a series of events and emotions that surround it become, whether consciously or unconsciously, fragments of every day and then are stored in a drawer of memory. 

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