The shape that is contracted when pulling and releasing the rubber band moves locally or spatially in a direction that minimizes the energy. According to the shape of the unit piece, it is arranged to bend at a certain angle, not as a straight line (like the initial shape). In the three-dimensional space, distortions and interesting spaces are created by these physical properties.
Sequential image I
Sequential image II
Ideation & basic study plan 
The elastic body, which stores energy applied from the outside and restores to its original state when the external energy is removed, attempts to be arranged in a state where free-energy density is minimized upon restoration to the original state. 
In this process, it is transformed into a new form different due to the structural characteristic of the piece divided into the unit structure with which I experimented in this work.
This new elastic material shows deformations such as splay, twist, and bend.
First experiments of constrains and distortions with urethan form
This new material deformed by free energy density after stress and makes new distorted space.
Second experiments of constrains and distortions with woods
Third experiment of constrains and distortions with woods, it destroys initial space and makes new distorted space.
Diverse distortions of the craft
Destortion process at the top view
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