Dancing Against Gravity

3 x 3 x 3.5 meter, Straw, thread & thread, 2016

I jump in the air around me. The gravity of the earth grabs me, so my feet come down to the ground; however, I leap by using the ground as a stepping stone. Although I know that I will come down again at some point, since I belong to the enormous power of nature, I act against it and dance. 
In the instant that the kinetic energy against gravity becomes equal to the gravity of the earth, the sum of all the forces that control me becomes zero, and I become free from all forces and feel complete freedom. I face myself, escaping from the external pressure and internal obsession. At that moment, I feel the touch of the air surrounding me and flow like the seeds scattered by the wind and like the air.  
Although I recognize that polygons that are dancing against gravity are bound by great forces (such as gravity), they represent humans, who constantly take on chllenges to overcome them.
 In other words, through the process of recognizing the tight tension of the potential energy caused by the gravity of the earth and kinetic energy leaping to overcome it, and the inflection point of the moment when the two energies reach equilibrium, we gain a broadened sense of ourselves and the system surrounding us.

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